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  • FASO Artist Website: http://www.bobsmithraku.com

  • Year Born: N/A

  • Price Range: $200.00 - $3,600.00
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I have been a studio potter for about fifty years, starting in functional stoneware, but quickly moving to low-fire work, especially raku. Silhouette and form, with a quiet contained presence, have always been my major concerns. My most current work reflects this ongoing fascination with form, plus an increased exploration of greater depth, subtlety and drama in the surface, with new directions in color, scale and texture. Terra sigillata, entering my ceramics life nearly twenty years ago, and used in various forms of saggar firing and pit firing - as well as other methods of atmospheric firing - has made a large impact in both scale and gesture, and impacts my raku as well. While I continue to use the vessel as my point of departure - enjoying that historical connection - architectural and wall work invade my thinking more and more. Through some stroke of good fortune, I have found work which is satisfying, engaging, challenging, and comprehensive. I am beginning to understand the complexities of my medium, and because I work hard and with care and sincerity to train my hands to do what they must, in this self-actualization, I have become passionate.
The work represented on this site is indicative of the work that I do. None of these pieces are available; however, many may be custom ordered. The Saggar work, fortunately or unfortunately, cannot be duplicated - the forms are reproducible, but not the surface patterns and colors. This is one of the aspects of Saggar work that I most enjoy. I would love to replicate a form and custom saggar-fire it for you
Recently I have retired from teaching scheduled classes, and now offer only workshops (which I love presenting) and private lessons at my studio or yours (which I also love).

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