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  In 2006 upon being accepted into the Northeast National Pastel Exhibition at the Arts Center in Old Forge N.Y., I was asked to include a brief paragraph describing my choice of materials, methods and philosophy of my work. For those of you interested, below is my response."Even though I work mostly with landscapes, I find myself particularly enamored with shallow space, a type of “stilled-scape”, if you will. With my focal point often only a short distance, and subject matter often trees, my work has become increasingly linear. As a result my technique has evolved into a highly textured matt medium pumice and rice paper support. I believe the rice paper support is unique to my paintings and has made the work obviously linear, but even more importantly the “crackle” of the rice paper has made the work more painterly, an effect that can be quite elusive within the medium. The highly textured surface has also allowed me to paint with a heightened luminosity by gently stroking the highest surfaces with a juxtaposition of light and dark mixtures of hues and intensities without muddying the medium tones of the under-painting. During the process the painting develops similar to a Polaroid with the medium values established first using nupastel, and highlights and deep-darks, including detail, occurring last with the application of both hard and softer pastel. Lastly, these paintings are my humble attempt to capture within a picture frame a fleeting moment that artists - regardless of medium- have been chasing for centuries. It is an effort to imprison within a frame a magical ephemeral instant, shared with us from a more perfect place." Bob Russin, 2006
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