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I have always felt that I was an artist - down deep I knew that someday I would paint. Life happened and after raising 3 wonderful sons and finishing a long successful career as a dental specialist, I came out of the proverbial desert and discovered a new passion. 
After retiring, I entered a photograph in a local contest. It was my first time to enter and as I was filling out the entry form, I glanced up and saw a magnificent image of a bird dog with a mallard duck in it's mouth. My heart sank as I realized that my photo had no chance of beating that large framed masterpiece. I completed the form and went over to admire the photo only to find out that it was a photo realistic oil painting belonging to an area artist. I was shocked and amazed. If only I could ever learn to paint like that! I contacted the artist and he referred me to his former instructor whose passion is teaching and producing western art. 
It has been five years since I first picked up a paint brush. My friends, and wonderful wife, were uncertain about my new endeavor. I had no previous experience but now that I have ribbons and medals adorning my easel, they have all become my biggest supporters. I am attracted to horses, cowboys and native americans, and western experiences of all types. I truly enjoy creating visual stories of the individuals who lived, loved, and endured the early days out west. 
A veteran artist told me not to worry about "experience" but instead work on fully spending your God given gift. I do thank the Lord for providing me with a passion and talent that I can share with others. 
Bob Penny

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