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I became intrigued with art and the West at a very young age. Through life I have
been drawing, painting, designing, building, illustrating and inventing. Painting is 
my passion and profession now. Inspired most by the natural beauty of the American
West, I strive to bring a three-dimensional vision of beauty, peace, grandeur, harmony,
wonder and balance to a two-dimensional surface. For me, painting is a visual way of
speaking about a beautiful experience using reflections of light to create a painted illusion.
The process has unending possibilities, exciting the creative mind. Curiosty drives me and
my heart guides me.


Bob Engel was born and raised in New Jersey. He graduated from Newark School of Fine and Industrial Art, majoring in pictorial illustration, having been influenced by Norman Rockwell and the fine illustrators of the time. Bob recalls being fascinated by paintings and statues in his grandparent's home as early as three years old. "I remember how inspired, excited, and happy I was opening a present and finding my first box of 64 color Crayolas." Bob started his career as a pictorial illustrator which led to inventing toys and managing creative design teams as Principal Designer for Mattel Toys.
Over the years, Bob has continued his passion for painting and drawing. Now happily, oil painting has become his profession where he prepares, practices and paints at his highest level. "There is the same kind of magic in creating a painting as inventing a product. But, inventing a painting is a much freer experience."
Since 1991, inspired by artist Howard Rees, Bob took his first plein air painting workshop with artist Ted Goerschner. That began his love affair with oil painting and the goal of becoming a fine artist. He feels grateful and privileged to have studied with many wonderful mentors. He loves painting with and being around other artists and art lovers, he feels everything happens in relationship. Bob likes the idea of telling a story and capturing a mood.
Artistically, as a young man, Bob was inspired most by the great illustrators and impressionists and in his later years by the Old Masters and current masters. As a young child, he grew up with the Western movies. These cowboys and Indians were where he got some of his basic ideas of right and wrong. But, mostly, he loved the idea of living life in the beautiful West. "I am now inspired by painting [...]

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