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I find myself perpetually awed by the colors, textures and patterns that exist in nature. The process of creating the  illusion of depth  on a flat surface using the visual image in front of me, while working out the mystery of how it all fits together....is great magic.   As a landscape painter I like to think of my paintings as portraits of the earth.  Like a portrait painter I strive to capture not only a likeness, but some of the "essences".  My current  focus  is on  the tributaries that spill into the Delaware Bay and the endless farmland of South Jersey.  I'm drawn to the sense of tranquility and timelessness of the  region.   Portraits are painted to celebrate a time in one's life or somethimes to honor one's life, I'd like to think my portraits of the earth celebrate and honor the land around me, bring a sense of calm to the viewer and they fulfill my need to preserve the land.

Portrait painters embrace the idea of spending time with the person they are about to paint so they can capture more of the spirit of who that person is, I seek out people who can give historical information, tell stories and just reminisce  about the area I'm painting. For me, the stories and memories that are there, somehow linger and are waiting to be rediscovered. It feels like the land speaks and so the process begins....

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