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The Masters have set the bar for all artists who follow in their wake. This is the standard to which I measure myself constantly. It’s a lifelong pursuit and one which will never cease to give me purpose and great satisfaction.” - Bobbi Dunlop
It is said that Bobbi Dunlop’s paintings “emanate peacefulness, simplicity, hope and most of all, love. It is not panoramic beauty that she portrays, not vast themes and grand narratives, but rather the smaller, microcosmic world of the familiar and the personal. Dunlop invites the viewer to consider the great and beautiful world encased in ordinary things”. (Art Gallery News, 2005)


Artist Statement
Childhood art creation opened a world that I happily took on as my personal identity. My parents lovingly encouraged my early efforts. Then it was my husband and children who supported and cheered my every advance.   Each chapter of my life has brought renewed and abundant painterly richness for me as an artist. 
At times we are fortunate enough to have a profound influence come into our lives at  pivotal moments. For me, that authority was the masterful American artist, David A. Leffel whose philosophy about art and life has been a significant force in my artistic journey. Leffel’s profound words, “you learn about life as you learn to paint and you learn to paint as you learn about life” have long resonated with me.
Ultimately, painting is about life and how uniquely one sees it. It’s about “the pursuit of knowledge” … not about technique or formulas. I believe that it is about beauty and when one looks for beauty, it will be clearly observed. Each time I begin a new painting, I look for innate beauty.
“Processes” have always fascinated me … how they intrinsically connect my work.   As I have matured as an artist, this idea has become increasingly more important:  the quality of the surfaces I choose to paint on, often hand-made; the lovely marks my brushes make; the luscious quality of the paint as I sculpt with my brush.  All of these are processes that connect me more deeply to my work and bring a joy to my daily practice of painting.
 I have been drawn to and inspired by the methods of the masters before me … the biggest influences being Rembrandt,  Mancini, Sargent, Zorn, Repin and Fechin to name a few. 
Unwaveringly, the Glory of my Creator has always been the main driver in my work and gives [...]

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