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The metaphoric story art of co-artists, Bob and Donna Sellers, utilizes feminine archetypes to inspire
tales of the romantic past, to touch your emotions or to suggest imaginative stories.
"For us, art is a way of expressing what was and what will be, where the obvious is less valued
and the mystery is honored, leading to the possibility of enchantment. We seek to activate the "not you,"
to encourage you to step ouside your usual role and realize that you are capable of reinventing yourself
and can do whatever you choose. We have found that using Jungian symbolism, imagery and metaphor
encourages this imaginative journey. We use a variety of artistic methods to evoke feelings, meaning and
creative possibilities including painted montages, strong color and psychodramatic scenes."


Bob and Donna were practicing psychotherapists with an emphasis on the creative, expressive arts before moving to Eureka and becoming visual artists in 1998.  Using photography, mixed media and acrylics, Bob and Donna have turned their experiences with the power of metaphors and symbolism into dynamic and imaginative art works with a special emphasis on themes (story art) that may take the viewer on an inner journey.  
"A guiding principle in our work is to visually represent the Feminine, with one eye on classic archetypal patterns, while also including important feminine types that we have met in our profession as psychotherapists. Some of the types we symbolize are not exclusively feminine, but represent the endless challenge to balance the Self through the integration of masculine and feminine energies." 
“We enjoy working and collaborating with each other on each painting, working through our varied perceptions and imaginations. Often, one of us becomes the “director” and has the final say on any conflicts that may arise. Working together on our art has become a pathway for greater closeness and understanding, letting go of issues of control and opening up to new avenues for intimacy and sharing."
"We often begin with an idea or theme, setup photo shoots, create and paint montages that illicit possible stories and feelings and paint the final outcome with acrylic paint. We are probably best known locally for our art that includes people and backgrounds from the beautiful community in which we live. Mostly, we just find sharing our work with each other and others to be the grandest gift of all. ” 
At their first art show at the Morris Graves Museum Of Art, the Sellers received the Grand Prize for the Best Of Show, launching their art journey and leading to further awards and a continuing evolution of their work. The Sellers have exhibited throughout Humboldt County, sold art to many locals [...]

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