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My paintings are based on pattern and form found in nature.  It is primarily the sensation of light, color, and movement in the landscape I wish to create, rather than evoke the sense of a specific place.  My new series of work captures the essence of my garden and surrounding landscape.  I am especially interested in the dark shadow areas between shapes, and bringing those in-between spaces to life.  In these paintings, natural forms are juxtaposed against spontaneous marks and shapes.  My process combines intuitive painting with fundamental principles of color, harmony, composition and texture, allowing each painting to develop its own unique history.
Blair lives at the base of a mountain.  Mount Tamalpais and the surrounding wilderness provide an endless source of inspiration for her creative work. Observing, painting and sketching on location in the wilder areas of Northern California provide the foundation of her art. However, it is in her light filled art studio in the historic Marinship District of Sausalito where she reassembles these ideas into larger mixed media paintings.
 Blair spent her adult life influenced by the rugged west coast landscape, but 
her connection to nature began as a child growing up in North Carolina, spending time tending to the garden with her father.  Over the years, this led her to become an accomplished landscape designer, as well as providing boundless imagery for her paintings.
 Blair’s fascination with the wildness and unpredictability of nature versus the manicured formality of an urban garden is often evident in her studio work.  There is a curiosity with “controlling chaos”, whether it be a sprawling shrub or an expressive paint mark.  Her inherent process of layering the surface with marks and paints, then editing by removing and covering, replicates this process on the canvas. Her paintings and collages explore this desire to create order in an inextricably messy world.

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