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My art is directly inspired by the ephemeral experience of time, memory and aging. I am interested in documenting and extracting singular experiences from cycles of growth, decay and renewal; my work functions as a psychic map or journal, which traces the transient iterations of those natural cycles. That tension between permanence and impermanence in both the psychological and material world is expressed through layers of paint, abstract forms and dense tactile surfaces.  I like to call my paintings a “memory surface”: at once specific and personal, but also fleeting, like a dream. 
I am experimenting with line and collage to develop a language that speaks of personal experiences: motherhood, femininity, aging and memory.  Deeply rooted in the feminine experience my painting process becomes a type of quiet and self- reflective story telling.
My recent work includes text and fragments of phrases on the painted surface, that work in opposition to the layered color fields and biomorphic shapes.  These images embedded within the surface texture document the ongoing process of retrieving memories and lived experiences through, and in, time.
 Blair spent her adult life influenced by the rugged west coast landscape, but her connection to nature began as a child growing up in North Carolina, spending time tending to the garden with her father.  Over the years, this led her to become an accomplished landscape designer, as well as providing boundless imagery for her paintings.
 Blair’s fascination with the wildness and unpredictability of nature versus the manicured formality of an urban garden is often evident in her studio work.  There is a curiosity with “controlling chaos”, whether it be a sprawling shrub or an expressive paint mark.  Her inherent process of layering the surface with marks and paints, then editing by removing and covering, replicates this process on the canvas. Her paintings and collages explore this desire to create order in an [...]

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