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Nature has always played a big part in my life and I feel a deep connection when immersing myself in her. Inspiration never runs short when doing so and my desire to portray her beauty and my veneration at the same time is always strong. My paintings should be a truthful representation of nature that goes beyond just recording what is in front of me but rather capture the essence of what is there and what I feel is important. This means omitting unnecessary details, thus creating a simplified statement of this moment in time, leaving room for the viewer to make their own interpretations when viewing the painting and hopefully raising their awareness to see and preserve nature's beauty for the future.
"This piece pushes all the right buttons for me when it comes to urban landscape… a strong sense of light and shadow, strong use of perspective and just enough chaos to make it mysterious and curious."
-David Boyd - Art Muse Contest Judge
"Really cool concept and the portrait is drawn really well. I like the lively brushwork."
-Sergio Lopez - Art Muse Contest Judge
"Skilled at transforming the mundane to extraordinary and the plain to beautiful, Wirtz changes insignificant, forgotten moments into a full and enriching experience."
-Informed Collector - FineArtViews
Selected Awards:
-Boldbrush - Honorable Mention, July 2020
-14th ARC Salon Competition - Finalist in the Plein Air + Landscape Categories
-Art Muse Contest April 2019 - Emerging Artist Winner
-Art Muse Contest March 2019 - Emerging Artist Finalist
-Art Muse Contest June 2018 - Emerging Artist Finalist
-Art Muse Contest May 2018 - Emerging Artist Finalist
-13th ARC Salon Competition - Finalist Plein Air
-California Plein Air Painters International Salon Show 2016 - Award of Merit
-Boldbrush Outstanding Watercolor Award, July [...]

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