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I was born in 1971 in a small village situated on the edge of the beautiful Lake Taihu, China. At the very young age, I found myself passionate about painting. Back in the 70’s, the Chinese farmers were extremely poor. My parents could not afford to buy me a pencil and a piece of paper. So, I used tree branch to draw on the muddy floor or on the red brick wall with a piece of soft white stone found on the ground.
     After the Great Cultural Revolution in China, there was a severe shortage of all kinds of teachers, especially art teachers. Finally, I was fortunate to meet a painting teacher when I was 17, whom I learned from for about 6 months before I was admitted to the Fine Arts College of Nanjing Normal University. 
     I believe I live for painting. My ideal is to become a real faithful painter. My most favorite artists are, to name a few, Vincent van Gogh, Paul Gauguin, and Rembrandt. I admire that they dedicated their lives to realize their ideal. I learn from them that painting is about art, not about fame and fortune.
     During the first 11 years after college, I had to face the reality of life and did not have much opportunity to focus on painting. I worked very hard not only to pay for the very basic daily bills but also to save as much as possible. My goal was, before I quitted my job, to have enough to cover the living expenses and our child’s education over a period of ten years. In 2002, I was able to quit my job and became a professional artist.
     Corruption has spread into every corner in China. The artists associations are no exception. I decided to not join any of them and did not participate in [...]

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