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“For more than two decades I’ve been intrigued by the way a painting’s surface and subject complement and compete in the viewer’s mind. In working plein air and in the studio. I am excited by the way my visual experience translates into a surface language expressed through the richness of paint. Using a personal language of abstract marks, I want to share with the viewer a deeper emotional response to the world in which we live. One subject that connects with me are the people who work the land, that connection to the earth and the places where they live"
Education: Missouri State University, BFA.
Awards & Honors: Voted into PAPA, Laguna Beach Plein Air Painting Invitational - Best in Show, Missouri Arts Councils “Independent Artist Award presented in the Rotunda of State Capital, Maui Plein Air Invitational - Best in Show. Judge of Awards; Brush of Spring - New Harmony, IN & Door County Plein Air Festival - Door County, WI, Arts Advocacy Award - Missouri Citizens for the Arts.
Selected Publications: Featured, The Visual Art Quarterly of St. Louis, Plein Air magazine, Lines and Colors (art blog), Art Of the West, “Sea to Shinning Sea”, “Painting Missouri”.
Selected Exhibitions: Irvine Musuem, Steamboat Art Musuem, Cape Cod Museum of Art, Mercantile Library St. Louis, MO, Margaret Harwell Museum of Art, Stock Farm Club, Laguna Beach Art Museum, Kansas City Library, Haggin Museum of Art, “Sea to Shinning Sea”.Selected Collections: Margaret Harwell Art Musuem, Mercantile Library, Dunnegan Gallery of Art.
Clagett/Rey, 216 Main Street, C100, Edwards, Colorado
Helena Fox Fine Art, 106-A Church Street, Charleston, South Carolina
Mike Carroll Gallery, 443 Seventh Street, Lanai City, Hawaii.
Kodner Gallery Fine Art, 9650 Clayton Road, St. Louis, Missouri

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