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Bill Moomey was born and raised in York, Nebraska, during the infamous Dust Bowl.  There he started in high school sports before excelling in track and football at the University of Nebraska. Moomey was honored as "Athlete of the Century" at the York Centennial Celebration.
During his high school years, Moomey met Terrance Duren, a well-known New York illustrator who offered to teach him the fundamentals of painting.  When one of Moomey's early paintings won first place in a Scholastic Magazine competition and was exhibited in the Library of Congress, before being sold, Moomey vowed to make art his vocation.
Moomey's path to success has taken him many places. He is an award-winning designer, wildlife film producer, big band singer, hall of fame athlete, big game hunter, breeder of world champion quarter horses, and rodeo champion. He taught painting and design at the University of Nebraska and at the University of Colorado, and was Director of the Denver Art Academy.
Today, Moomey works in a style ranging from realism to contemporary impressionism and lets the subject determine the style. He says, "the more intense the subject becomes, the bigger the brushes and the broader the strokes." He paints and produces monumental bronzes at his X9 Ranch Studio in Vail, Education College, Allentown PA
B.A., Fine Arts, magna cum laude, University of Nebraska
M.A., M.F.A., Fine Arts, magna cum laude University of Colorado
Awarded graduate research scholarships two consecutive Studied Under Shahn,1950 Listed among the Top Ten Living Painters
Max Beckmann, Leading Expressionist Painter
Hal T. Wilmeth, Art Historian and Author, Rome, Italy
Lee Burket, American Painter/Fulbright Scholar 
Bernard S. Myers, Art Historian, author of Modern Art in the Making
Augusto Centeno, Author of numerous philosophy texts
Dwight Kirsch, Director, Des Moines Art Center

Paintings and sculpture exhibited in museums and private collections throughout the U.S.

Nelson-Atkins Museum [...]

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