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Bill Jackson is best known for painting the natural beauty and mystery of the Mississippi Delta swamps in an intimate perspective. He is a native of Drew, Mississippi, and attended Ringling School of Art and Design. During an enlistment as an Army illustrator, Bill was selected to be a member of the United States Army Parachute Team, the Golden Knights. At that time, he became a world-champion skydiver. Bill Jackson continued to refine his painting skills and was commissioned by the Army to create paintings both for the Golden Knights and Matthew I. Rierson Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund (1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta) Delta Force. Time passed, and Bill has relocated to Beaufort, NC. For inspiration these days, he is focusing primarily on nearby regional landscapes. Jackson has chosen to focus on oil as his medium these days, employing a remarkably realistic touch with his recreations of natural coastal settings. When not creating art magic on large, imposing canvases or soaking up the primordial atmosphere of the coastal landscape from his one-man kayak, Bill is at home hamming it up on movie sets as a background actor, sailing in the nearby waterways, or juggling shiny, round objects above his head. As a seasoned artist, Bill still demands creative growth from himself. He has not become stagnated in current successes. Instead, he has continued to move forward, learning fresh techniques to hone his craft. Being a perfectionist in his art, Bill Jackson will undoubtedly leave an unquestioned legacy for all to enjoy—his memorable and breathtaking impressions of the unique American Landscapes.
Born1960, Drew, Mississippi
EducationRinging School of Art and Design (1980-1981)Mississippi Delta Community Collage, Associate in Art (1978-1980)
Cabarrus Arts Council, Splendid and Serene, Invitational Group Show, (2019)
Vision Art Gallery, Tree Party - Visions from 8 Gallery Artist, (2019)
Carteret Contemporary Art, Solo [...]

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