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Artists are humankind's pets and should be nurtured and tolerated for the entertainment
they provide, despite their occasional disruptions.


A Few Notes About My Art
My wife Judy and I have been visiting the Big Bend country over 25 years. Although I had painted in earlier years, I began painting more seriously after I retired.
I find the desert landscapes of the Big Bend very captivating. I enjoy the colors and textures of fractured rocks, river waters, and warrior plants. I am fascinated with the ragged alien contours of the mountains. Colors and shapes change continuously as light and shadows change with the passing of time. The same scene is never really the same scene. So, a sketch is always the impression of a moment.
Watercolor is my favorite medium. I like to do quick watercolor sketches on site that I can take home to work up into larger studio pieces painted with watercolor, gouache, or acrylics. With watercolor you’re never completely in control. Sometime the laws of diffusion, solution, and gravity can yield unexpected results that are very pleasing. But sometimes of course you get mud. It’s a bit like the way life unfolds.
My work is represented by the Galeria Chisos in Study Butte on Hwy 118.  The Galeria contains a number of my original works as well as matted prints and notecards.  The Galeria Chisos is located on the right side of the road as you drive south toward the west entrance of the Big Bend National Park.  Owned and operated by Bill and Cathy Gilles, the Galeria Chisos is a must see for its fascination displays of work by local artists, as well as collections of Cathy's jewelry, minerals, fossils, and various artifacts. 
After Judy and I retired from the Houston ISD we moved to La Grange east of Austin. We enjoy spending several months of the year in Big Bend country. The big sky, large spaces, and intense silences [...]

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