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Biki grew up in Texas where she received her bachelors degree. In the 1960's, she moved to Southern Illinois working as a Public Service Administrator and raising three children while she painted part-time.  She was finally able to pursue her career as an artist full-time in 2003. 
Art and creativity have been a part of her life since Biki was a child.  She has traveled through Europe, the Far East and the Middle East studying first hand works by the great masters.  Her work has been influenced by both the European and Russian Impressionists.  She has also attended classes and workshops with local and national artists.
Over the years, she has used a variety of mediums - pencil, pen & ink, pastel, and watercolor - but in recent years her work has been primarily in oil. She works in plein-air or in her studio from sketches and photographs completed on site.  Biki is inspired by the landscape and people that God has created. She is fascinated by the light as it occurs in nature and is reflected on the human figure and enjoys painting people in their environment.
Biki prefers to work wet-in-wet without modifying the paint with a medium.  Often, her paintings are textured by the use of palette knives. She enjoys manipulating the paint on the canvas to create that memorable image or character and likes to work quickly and spontaneously to capture the feeling or convey an impression of the scene.
In recent years, Biki has exhibited in a number of local, regional, and national shows and has won awards for her work.  She has had several solo exhibits in the Southern Illinois area.  Currently, she is working on a series of paintings concentrating on light and reflections in the landscape and on people.  She hopes her work can help people appreciate the natural beauty around them. Check out her impressionist paintings and other original artwork [...]

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