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My interest in art began when I was in the 6th grade and I started, on my own, to copy drawings from art books.  The first classes that I took were my senior year in high school and then, in 1948, under Orlin Baker who was an artist and an instructor here in Great Bend, Kansas.
I worked mostly on my own and with a friend until the Community College opened here and then I took classes in design, painting, ceramics, and metal sculpture.  In the early years, I worked primarily in oil and watercolor.  When we moved to Colorado, my space was limited ( and by then I was also weaving) so I concentrated on watercolor.
My present work is mostly in pastel and oil --- some watercolor.  Pencil sketches are the basis of my work --- sometimes very detailed ones and, sometimes, just quick thumb nail type suggestions.  I have an interest in a wide range of subject matter and painting techniques, and I enjoy working with non-objective ideas as well as more representational material.
I hope you will enjoy looking at my work.

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