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Many artists say the same thing, "I've loved art for as long as I can remember, but".  But always figures into our histories.  My supporting parents bought every art supply I asked for and encouraged me until it came to formal education.  They paid for my education with one stipulation.  I could not take art classes, it has to be business oriented.  They simply could not fathom how I could support myself doing art.  So I complied.  I started out as a secretary, then a dental assistant.  I moved to the insurance industry and finally became a corporate insurance broker for an international brokerage firm.  Following a divorce, I was able to support myself and 2 children.
What happened to my love of art?  Oh, it never left me.  My ex-husband bought me my first set of oils and brushes and encouraged me to take painting lessons.  While the marriage failed, the friendship that followed included a lot of encouragement.
But.  Another but.  Something was missing.  That sense of fulfillment and creativity was lacking in the work I was doing.  The art projects I was doing in my spare time just were not enough.  I wanted to learn and stretch.  My children were now teenagers, I had remarried a wonderful man.
My family was so encouraging and supportive for me to follow my dream.  So, I resigned my position, got a job for minimum wage at a framing shop and went back to college taking art courses.  In addition, I took workshops from several well known artists until I settled on one that blew me away.  I studied with her off and on for 14 years.  I worked with a terrific group of artists  from the US and Canada and made friends and learned a lot.
My professional life now is art.  It's a big, [...]

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