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“Can’t wait to draw today!!” Beverly said at 5-years-old. It was early in the morning, around 7:00 am, she had just woken up. She grabbed some drawing paper and a pencil and headed to the TV room. Ecstatic that today, she was going to do one of her most favorite things in the world. It was to draw along with one of the puppets on the television program, “Captain Kangaroo”. It’s here where she learned to draw and from there learned how to develop her skills, spending a lot of her free time drawing.
Art became a way to gain acceptance from the people around her. A passion developed for the craft, along with ways to express her feelings. Beverly was different. She was Afro-American, without a family, but eventually was adopted into a white family. It resulted in her being raised in an all-white neighborhood and attending all-white schools. It was a world full of people who looked very different from she looked. And out of that, skin color became an obsession for her when it became clear she was the dark one with kinky hair. A self-awareness began to erode her self image. She began to wish she looked more like her adoptive brothers and sisters. It was confusing hearing that it didn’t matter what color she was, and only uneducated people believed that being black was a handicap or bad.
Did she believe them? No, there were too many whispers of where she came from and why she was lived with the family. Too many instances of being called zebra and Oreo. So she delved into art to subdue the hurt. She went on to art school at Massachusetts College of Art.  As a young woman, while studying there, Beverly was first introduced to oil painting. It was there where [...]

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