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Beverly Bunker is a Canadian artist living in the province of Alberta, in a small city named St. Albert. She has been professionally engaged in an art capacity since 1983 when she started a personal business doing graphic art commissions and special awards for the Provincial Government, the City of Edmonton, corporations, private companies, Universities, and ultimately was requested for two commissions for Queen Elizabeth II. Then, in 2000 she began painting full-time in oils and her direction became established as a Fine Artist.
Bev’s work as a Fine Artist working in oils is predominantly high realism -  particularly her florals and landscapes, even at times choosing subjects that can be expressed well through her hyperrealistic style. She is currently producing works that are all florals and arrangements of flowers, all represented in a high realistic style. She is incorporating texture and vibrancy wherever the intuitive decision moves her to do so, quite different from her smooth, ‘no-brushstrokes-seen’ style in hyperrealism.
Bev is choosing to paint flowers that have grown in her own garden or from nearby botanical Gardens, as well as choosing selections of floral arrangements creating paintings of bouquets, and eventually wreaths and hanging valances. Bev’s work in florals has recently been described as “luminous, fresh and alive, and done with a virtuosity not often seen except in mastery of her medium and understanding of her subjects.”
When Bev creates works in her hyper-realistic style, these are generally well chosen still life subjects that may encompass small found objects that she owns. They are often arranged in a shadowbox set up, well lit, and then rendered with vibrant color.
In the past Bev produced many high-quality landscape paintings of her local area, often surrounded by many canola fields. These paintings were often immediately sold. She also loves to work in painting mountain streams [...]

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