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I paint because I feel compelled to paint. 
I am fascinated with the cycles of life in nature.
I love to watch life's progressions and mark it's passings.
I am also curious as to how man interacts within nature, so I paint
to discover human nature.
I want to visually record a moment, a time, a place, my time.
Life delights, surprises, and sometimes horrifies. I need to illustrate it.
I never cared how I went about painting. Paint is my chosen vehicle for the idea.
However, I tend to work classically, in thin layers, in glazes, and in recognizable
shapes. In easily understood images.
My desire is to offer an intimate moment, a thought or view of this world and it's workings.
So I paint.
A Small Biography:
Beverly Adams started her working life as a graphic designer and technical illustrator. In  1986, at the request of one of her sisters, she took a new direction into decorative painting. She spent her time working for several interior designers from East Lansing, MI, to Washington DC. 
In 1996, having relocated, she joined the local art association, and decided to make the leap from commercial to fine painting. Adams has pursued this career choice with diligence, some measure of success, and a lot of pleasure. She is known for delicate florals in a 17th century Dutch style, and vibrant, if whimsical still lives.
Art Prize, 2011 and 2012, Grand Rapids, MI
 Fort Wayne Museum of Art, 2008 Contemporary Realism Biennial, Ft. Wayne, IN
Celebration of the Arts, First United Methodist Church, Grand Rapids, MI, 2008, 
(2nd place winner, and purchased for permanent collection).
Lowell Arts Council Regional Competition,  Lowell, MI 2008
Festival on the Grand ARt Competition, 2007, Grand Rapids, MI
Grand Valley Artists, Inc., Members Choice Show, Jan. 2007, and March, 2007
Many others, with Montcalm Area Arts Association, Greenville, MI, froom 1997, and 
Grand [...]

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