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  • Price Range: $400.00 - $2,800.00
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As I watch the neighborhood farms and woods slip into bare dirt, I am sickened to the point of wanting to record every barn, fence row, old tree, farm house and the people who cared for it when it wasn’t profitable, but a tradition.  I use my art to tell the story of the land and the animals that depend on man to live in harmony with nature for their survival.
I have lived on a small family farm for over 48 years that has been in my husband’s family for over 118 years. While watching our neighborhood landmarks large and small slowly disappear over the years. I want my art to make people aware of how fast the beauty of it all is disappearing.  The land and animals that sustain all of us and provide wonderful subject matter and never ending artistic challenges is slowly being destroyed.  My lifetime of experiences in the outdoors enables me to understand accurately the subjects of nature and its truths. I invite you to share my vision and enjoy my point of view of nature.

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