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The Artist Says:

The nuances that dance
between a mountain and the sky
that embraces her,
creating a symphony
that the eyes perceive
but only the soul can remember...
This celebration of light upon
the physical and the ethereal
that creates a love affair,
not only between these,
but also the viewer...
it is this special moment in time
that excites me,
that drives me to risk even failure,
if I but take the chance
to capture only a fraction of what I see, of what I feel,
from this wonderful thing we call Life!

Collectors Say:

I have often wondered where your inspiration of the women in white came from.
They are posed so naturally and look so Toulouse Lautrec
in their movement you have created on the canvas.
I can almost hear the material in their dresses rustle as they lift their skirts.
Do I remember correctly that Laurie had one of a lady in white with a goose?
So long ago, not sure.
Jennilyn Weight


Other Artists Say:

January 31, 2006
Hello! I just have to say that your art speaks strongly to me.
I love your direct approach and wonderful composition. 
I've seen your name on the CAC roster but just discovered your work today.
You inspire me to paint! Thanks, John
PS: I went to Chouinard and Art Center in the late 50's, 
early 60's and my how time flies!
John Stewart
January 21, 2007
G'day Betty, I live in Queensland Australia:
I just received your book Artist's Projects You Can Paint in the post today.
I read it cover to cover and on the 2nd last page found your website. 
I'm not as young as I was and today was not a good day; 
when I saw your website I went straight to it 
and spent the afternoon looking at every painting, 
what a wonderful afternoon it was, so exciting,
I just had to write and let you know how much I enjoyed myself. 
Regards, Lee McGruer


In the summer of 1977, Elizabeth Jean Billups  (AKA Betty or Betty Jean)
had her first one artist museum show at the Montana Historical Society in Helena, Montana.
This exhibit was the direct results of doing research for a U.S. Army commission 
 that she received, to create a painting of Sacajawea.
And this commission came about because the Army had seen a painting Billups 
 had in the U.S. Air Force Art Collection 
 (that was created when she was Vice President of the Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles). 

"The Nightingale"    ~   U.S.A.F. C-9   Medical Plane               Collection of the USAF
The exhibit at the museum was titled "Inner Feelings"
  and was the sole reason Betty returned to a fine art career. 
 The trip into Idaho and Montana at that time, also brought her back
10 years later, to live on a 200+ acre ranch, and eventually move
into a Tudor style home on 10 acres in a mountain wilderness.
“The power and sweep of this unique style of Betty Jean Billups is comparable with the leading painters of our century and before. The strength of her painting strokes combine masterfully [...]

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