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I love looking at beautiful things--luminous flowers, the glitter of glass, opulent fabrics, a landscape lit just so. I want to isolate some of these often fleeting moments, give them form, really see the color, the shapes, notice how the light reflects on a surface, how a shadow becomes another object. I almost always exaggerate both color and contrast in my paintings--you might describe my work as expressionistic representationalism. I often push the scale, also, to something beyond reality. I first lay down several layers of brilliant acrylic color, then paint over with oils, allowing some of the underpainting to show through. These underpainted colors give a special depth and zing to the painting. Heightened color, loose brushwork, bigger-than-life scale, dramatic lighting and high contrast are hallmarks of my painting style. Needless to say, I use only museum-quality materials in these bold, colorful, and unique paintings.

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