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As a native of the Connecticut shoreline I am drawn to the energy and moods of the sea, the marshes that are filled with native birds as well as migrating  visitors and travelers, the inland farms and the glacial rock formations that grace the state. My work captures that energy, expressing nature's fullness and activity with rich and expressive brush strokes and color.  I paint in all seasons and weather, using what mediums the conditions draw me to. 
My studies in Art began at the age of five at my father's knee.  The smell of turpentine brings me back to his small studio behind our cottage, a tiny white building with dark wood trim, with a clutter of  soft brushes, paintings in progress, and the memories of the effect of color and the feeling evoked by brushstrokes.  My father was friends with and studied painting with Tommy Macaione, an New London artist who later became moderately famous for his colorful, energetic Southwest Impressionist plein air paintings after he moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico. His impact on my father has carried down to me and was my most powerful early influence.  I studied at the University of Connecticut School of Fine Arts. I do not remember ever then, in the seventies and eighties, hearing the term "Plein Air", but I had the fortune of studying under a wonderful landscape painter who inspired me with his beautiful large scale impressionistic landscapes, filled with light and color and movement, painted in the field.  I studied watercolor and oil painting and spent most of my years at University out in the field, the woods, rivers, farms, and beautiful landscapes surrounding the sprawling, rural campus whose School of Agriculture provided endless opportunity for pastoral landscape; on weekends and summers, the wild beach preserves along the Rhode [...]

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