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A Midwesterner by birth, I grew up with a tremendous love of nature and the changing seasons. A shy kid growing up, I took refuge in art. Molding animal figurines with the slippery Michigan clay soil; building elaborate forts out of wood, snow, and found objects; and collecting frogs and insects were all near the top of my fun list. But making art is how I processed the world.
Combining my love of science and art, medical and biological illustration became my primary art language in the early years.  Further studies in art led me to appreciate the impressionists with their life-filled use of color, and I knew that I had to learn to paint!
Presently, I am a plein air and studio painter. I am attracted to the looseness that painting permits, and am continually inspired by the challenges presented by nature. The amazing thing about painting, to me, is captured in a quote by Ann Harris as she explains to her students what art is . . . "the transformation of dirt on a surface into a world of light, weight, space and movement."
BFA – University of Michigan, School of Art and Architecture
MFA – University of Michigan, School of Medical and Biological Illustration
Pleasanton Art League
California Art Club
All I Need to Know I Learned at . . . Camp
Yellow Moose Perspectives, Mansfield, Ohio
Pregnancy, Birth and You
International Childbirth Education Foundation, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
MRI Total Body Atlas
MRI Education Foundation, Cincinnati. Ohio
Manual of Emergency Procedures in Otolaryngology
Harvard Medical School, Cambridge, Massachusetts

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