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It is said that the Chinese Bamboo Tree nut, or seed, needs to be fertilized and watered every day for five years before finally poking through the ground. If care stops at any time during that five years, the nut will wither in the earth. However, if in the fifth year the seedling bursts forth from the soil, it can grow to nearly ninety feet tall in six weeks! 


Artist Statement
I like to learn the rules, then break them by exploring what it means to play it safe. I prefer colors that challenge and excite one another, like a teeter-totter of uneasy harmony, poised on a tight rope. My mixed media work is an abstract, messy, whirlwind world of asymmetrically balanced chaos. 
A tangled, complex process is as important to me as the end result. Instead of traditional brushes I use kitchen and construction tools to make unpredictable and surprising marks. I get lost, then found, through assembling torn pieces of monoprints and photo-copied collages, applying acrylic paints in layers and using stencils. Moving closer to the work helps unwrap the mystery between the painted and the printed surface, but questions the importance of the difference between the two.
Images of cactus, plants and animals emerge in my work as talismans. These symbols are a source of comfort, an anchor of strength. Like a treasure hunt for memories, some images are crystal clear, others are faded and obscured, as if floating to the surface to be remembered. The layers of paint and texture accumulate like evidence of a life lived, left behind and replaced by coping with the unresolved.
Beth Ojalvo is an American contemporary abstract expressionist artist. Her acrylic and mixed media paintings evoke a wide variety of emotions, from peaceful calm, to wild, unkempt energy. 
Beth was raised near Washington DC. She’s been making abstract art since she could hold a marker. She holds a B.A. from Middlebury College graduating Cum Laude, with high honors in Studio Art. At SUNY Albany she earned an M.A. and M.F.A. in painting and drawing while working as a teaching assistant in photography. 
After graduation, Beth donated a pastel painting to a favorite local public radio benefit auction. That opened the door to showing in local galleries [...]

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