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  • FASO Artist Website: http://bethjonesartist.com/

  • Year Born: N/A

  • I'm a professional singer, translator, copywriter and now: (ta-daahh!) artist! But I'm still a full-time, full-blooded SINGER!

  • I'm from Iowa, USA but have lived more than half my life in beautiful Salzburg, Austria.

  • As a member of an Earthwatch team, I've caught leatherback eggs in my bare hands under a full moon on St. Croix V.I., as a cold surf washed over me.

  • Price Range: $110.00 - $1,900.00
    (This price range was estimated with limited info and may be inaccurate)

The Artist Says:

"Painting is easy when you don't know how, but very difficult when you do." - Edgar Degas "YUP!" - Beth L. Jones :-D


You’d think I would have had “enough creativity” in my life when I became a professional singer working full-time in Salzburg Austria, performing in operas, operettas and musicals at the Salzburg Landestheater and even at the Salzburg Festival.

You’d think I would have “enough learning” in my life when I thereby learned the German language and began working as a freelance translator in my spare time – doing well enough that, after years of being the English voice for companies ranging from Austria’s KTM Sport Motorcycles to Greenpeace Switzerland, I eventually qualified to translate texts for the EU Parliament and its affiliated companies. You’d think I would have “enough creativity and learning” in my life when I learned the screenwriting format and began writing screenplays (one of which attracted the attention of Hollywood producers). You’d think I would have “enough creativity and learning” in my life when I began taking courses in copywriting to expand on the advertising skills I learned at my father’s knee, in hopes of writing fundraising copy for the charitable non-profits I support. But no.
Somehow, none of these creative endeavors are enough. At least, not for me.

My beloved Irish painting teacher Róisín O'Farrell talks about “feeding one’s creative well” to keep things flowing.
Whatever you're supposed to call it, I’m so incredibly lucky that, although wildly eclectic, my creative well has always been overflowing.
And yet ... and yet, I’ve also always wanted to learn: *HOW* DO PAINTERS **DO** THAT...?!So I am.
And learning and learning.
Like every artist before me, I’ll never stop searching for ways to create what I envision. 
And I’ll always fall short of my goals.And that’s perfectly all right.

What mediums do I use?Preferably oils on canvas.

What motifs do I paint?Mostly landscapes, seascapes and still lifes.
Mostly in thick, juicy oil paint.

Creative people are flexible and insatiably curious. So I like experimenting with [...]

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