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As a child I can remember sitting outside absorbing colors that others did not see.  I would paint for hours trying to translate the unique way in which I saw color and light dance and burst from my mother’s irises to the insects taking refuge within their petals. The dark shadows under a tree seen by friends were in my eyes mystical lands splashed with confetti.  Today as when I was a child, I am purely motivated by the bleeding, the running, and the layering of color. I am inspired by my endless imagination and vivid dreams.  My personal technique simply begins from sketches, some on canvas, some on paper, and others sketched onto cocktail napkins.  Each lack detail, and then I paint.  I am spontaneous with my strokes, and I have learned that I can not have a preconceived image of what might end up on my canvas.  To me that thought is almost humorous.  My acrylic paintings are hospitable for all ages.  Each is not only full of color but of life.  With their strong lines, yet playful theme, I hope that each invites a smile and creates a story.

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