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I typically paint from observation meaning I sit with my subject or within my subject.   The paintings are done with care; a constant balance of the what the brush work looks like and what the subject looks like. I look a long time, each element accounted for so the viewer can re-see it, enjoy it and  then be drawn repeatedly into a satisfying contemplation of everything that is on their mind and in their heart.   My paintings are about a relationship with beauty and they belong with people.   They are meant to lived with, and handed on, to inform hearts and lift spirits toward hope.
I have been fortunate to be able to teach and paint for many years now.  I was a visiting artist at Skidmore College as well as awarded a Hudson River Fellowship/ Grand Central Atelier in 2014 and a La Napoule Artist Residency in France in 2016.  I have painted during our families travels to Scotland and I had the privilege to copy master works at the National Gallery Scotland, National Gallery London among others.  
My work has garnered awards and held in private and public collections.  My paintings have been exhibited in regional, national and a few international exhibits; including plein air events, galleries and museums.  I teach at the University of Wisconsin Whitewater and I will teach a workshop this summer at the Peninsula School of Art.
I am married to the poet Patrick J. Moran and we have three wonderful children.  
If you are an admirer or a seasoned or first time collector I am happy to discuss the paintings with you and make the process pleasurable. Take good care and thank you for your interest, Bethann

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