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  • Year Born: 1947

  • In ART I am Old enough to know better and yet I do it anyway; because it is fun!

  • Starting Selling ART 29 years ago while working as a tax accountant. It is a left brain ..right brain thing.

  • As an Artist I have been inspired by many talented and superior artist. I still create art my way. I love it all.....Oils; Acrylics and Embroidery!

  • Price Range: $115.00 - $2,100.00

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The Artist Says:

My Favorite Artist Bible Quote for today:
Every PRO was once an Amateur......
Every EXPERT was once a Beginner......
So dream BIG........and start NOW
Your Potential is ENDLESS
Do what you were created to do!


I have been a practicing artist for 32 years. At the age of 40 I decided that I wanted to paint something other than bathrooms and fences. I retired after 49 years as a tax accountant becoming an artist as a full time avocation.One of the benefits of preparing an individual’s tax return is that you get to know your client very factually.One of my long-time clients was Clyde Connell, world-acclaimed artist. She was a wonderful and inspiring woman. She listened to my thoughts and plans and encouraged me to pursue my art. She became my mentor until her death. Clyde showed me to look beyond the obvious. She taught me to see with different eyes. Clyde would take five gallons of white paint, two quarts of black paint and the red dirt from her home to create strong and powerful paintings and sculptures. Clyde especially enjoyed the collection of Wall Street Journals I provided for her paper-mache (she liked the rag content). She would use a collection of little scraps of machine parts, rocks, and twigs to magically create. That is what she inspired me to do. To be free and let go and see the unseen beauty of the ordinary.Clyde admonished me to follow my heart (not head) and not to take formal instruction. She wanted me to experiment and learn the composition by using my hands. She reasoned that a good teacher will expose you to ideas, but ultimately want you to do it their way.For 32 years I have been experimenting with style, techniques, and color. I use the philosophy ultimately to be unafraid and embrace it all even if it doesn’t work. In doing so, I have learned what works for me. I am still learning from the school of practice, practice, and yes, more practice [...]

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