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"Nature inspires and informs my art through the expressive exploration of color and texture. My paintings are driven by intuition, color harmony and movement. As an artist, I am drawn to the organic forms of nature."
I favor a vibrant palette — the emotional aspect of color evokes in me a range of feelings from calm to excitement and energy. Interesting and dramatic shapes of light and shadow enhance my compositions.

In my abstracted landscapes, seascapes and skyscapes I seek to convey a feeling of the vastness and drama of nature. While the scenes are not specific, they evoke a sense of the familiar.
My contemporary abstracts take on a life of their own until they achieve the desired rhythm  and  radiance. They evolve during the process of painting based on color relationship, energy and tension.
My paintings can be viewed at NorthLight Studios, 357 Depot Street in Asheville’s River Arts District. I also have a studio in my home which allows me to paint whenever sudden inspiration strikes.
Hours: Thursday–Saturday, 11-4. Winter hours vary or call for an appointment:  914-462-1691
Email: [email protected]
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