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Dappled walkways, windswept beaches, moving skies and jagged inlets.  All painted in an intuitive way.  These images give you a sense of Bente's  love of her natural surroundings.  Her bold use of colour and strong brushstrokes convey what the artist sees in the world around her.
Bente Hansen's journey as an artist began in childhood.  Born in Copenhagen to an Architect father and creative mother she was fascinated with her father's ability to quickly sketch a cartoon, a landscape or a building.
Bente studied art at the University of British Columbia majoring in painting and fibre arts.
In  2014 Bente, her husband Eric and their dog Star moved to Powell River.  They purchased a waterfront home in this small somewhat isolated oceanside community in British Columbia.  A life long dream for both.  Now able to paint the environment that she lives in she's free to approach large canvases and experiment freely with techniques that convey natures mystery.Please call at (604) 485-5845 for an appt.Feel free to email Bente at [email protected]

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