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Benjamin Brantley Purvis grew up in the small town of Franklin, Tennessee, just south of Nashville.  There he came to appreciate art from watching his sister, Heather A. Miller, win a variety of art shows in the community, and later becoming an art teacher in Owensboro KY. He was also influenced by the landscape and wildlife watercolor art of his father who was working as an architect at the time. Ben grew up and ranked first and best of show in all the same art shows his sister had won many years ago, and so decided to make a career out of his abilities. He graduated high school, having successfully completed all AP honor art classes with top grades and decided to go to Ringling School of Art and Design in Sarasota, FL.
    Ben was humbled when he arrived, for he was now immersed in a school with students that were some of the best of the best emerging artists in the world. Being around such talent caused many students to fold under pressure, but it gave Ben the motivation he needed to become one of the top students of his graduating class.  After four years of hard work and determination, Ben finished his courses and received his BFA in the major of Illustration. For his senior thesis he wrote a book of poetry and illustrated it, which received much praise from fellow students, faculty, and the surrounding community that attended the senior art show. Having trained under some of the world's leading illustrators and artists, Ben became very proficient in many mediums.
   Ben soon found out that his father, who was now retired, staying [...]

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