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I've been doing art in one shape or form most of my life. Almost as soon as I could hold a pencil I was doing crude drawings. As a young boy I was fascinated with cartooning and in particular with the Tintin books by Belgian cartoonist Georges Remi, spending many hours with colored pencils creating fantasy worlds in outer space peopled with heroes and super-villains cavorting around in rockets.  I credit the many hours generating meticulous small panels with giving me an eye for simplifying forms and learning to suggest action and form with a minimal number of lines and brushstrokes.
My early years were spent in Alberta and Ontario Canada, and later my family moved to Virginia, followed by Utah.  It was during the years in Utah I studied and completed the New Masters home-study art curriculum by John Gordon, as well as taking classes at the Ogden Art Club. In Utah I gained a deep appreciation for the beauty of the American west. 
Later I studied drawing, design and painting at Washburn University in Kansas.  I also took watercolor workshops under Louis Copt, Tony Couch and Ken Hosmer.  After several years of practicing watercolor I switched to oils, starting out with workshops at the Lawrence Art Center of Kansas.  Recently I have studied oils with Sarah Sedwick and currently continue my art education using the lessons in the Virtual Art Academy developed by Barry Raybould.
The longer I paint the more convinced I am that the principles of design are at the heart of painting. Through design an otherwise mundane scene can be crafted into an eye-catching work of art with visual interest and emotional impact.  It's my personal mission to not neglect this most crucial aspect of artistic expression and ensure that my work is as visually entertaining as possible.  For isn't [...]

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