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About Infinite Heart Studios
Why create art?  There are unlimited valid reasons.  Art’s fun. Art heals. Art can be a wonderful challenge.  Art allows us to express ourselves.  But art also has the power to awaken; the ability to light a fire inside a person. Many artists paint to express themselves.  We paint to express the universal truths of the world. 
Infinite Heart Studios is an ever-evolving entity, founded by artist Ben Hauck to create art that produces positive change in the world.  The Studios evolved from the idea that the images in our mind directly affect the reality of our everyday experience.  Having personally experienced this to be true, we create artistic images designed to unleash an individual’s potential to lead an optimal life.  Our mission is to awaken individuals to their potential, to bring out the best in people, to leave every single person that views our art with a sense of greatness, wonder, and excitement about themselves.
Is anything more important than for each of us to become who we truly want to be, who we truly are?  We are witnessing a unique time on our planet, a global shift in consciousness.  And it is clear that transformational art, rEvolutionary art, visionary art, whatever you want to call art that is created with the full intent of helping people lead better lives, will play a role in this shift.  We look forward to sharing in this movement of a greater, fuller life… the movement of conscious existence.
Who is Ben Hauck? Born in 1972 in N’awlins, Ben Hauck hails from Cajun, Scottish, Dutch (or German, depending on who you ask) and Mic-Mac Native American roots.  He spent his first 18 years in the spongy woods of Louisiana.
As his dad explains, “When Ben was a little boy, we’d tie a [...]

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