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Belinda has long been inspired by nature and art.  As a child, watching the wildlife in nearby woods was a favorite past time.  When not in the woods, Belinda was often in her grandmother's art studio learning different art mediums.  Belinda's training in art continued through college where she served several internships at the Columbus Museum and received a Bachelor of Art in Art from Columbus State University.  During high school and college, Belinda won several awards including Best of Show at Columbus State University, Purchase Awards at Columbus State University, and first place in various local competitions.  After years of absence from the art world, in 2012, Belinda received a patron award at the Columbus Artist Guild competition and third place in wildlife art at the Georgia National Fair.  Pencils are her favorite tool enabling her to create fine detail.
After graduating with a bachelor's degree in 1992, Belinda entered the corporate world to learn about business concepts first hand and later obtained a Master's in Business Administration from Columbus State University.  She has also obtained various business certifications including the Project Management Professional certification in 2008.
Utilizing project management concepts, Belinda has recently discovered a way to spend more time doing the art that is closest to her heart and is creating more works.  Belinda continues her journey through hiking and kayaking trips where she uses photography to capture the beauty of wildlife.  Drawing from her favorite photos, Belinda's subjects reflect a wide range of wild animals and wild flowers. 
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