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  • FASO Artist Website: http://becky whight.com

  • Year Born: 1952

  • Loves to travel

  • Green Bay Packer fan

  • Price Range: $75.00 - $2,500.00


Painting fills me with energy and spirit! Some people write, some sing, some garden–I paint.  I have done all kinds of art–fiber art, needlework, stained glass, house design and now–I paint.
In my paintings, I want the viewer to see what they pass by every day. The way light skips along the water, how it plays its’ song in the flickering fields and brings a glow of energy to the sky, the colorfulness of the trees and flowers and boats and buildings. I look for that elusive thing whether it is color, the play of light, atmosphere or design. Landscapes of all kinds are my favorite subjects. As a child, instead of doing chores, I would escape to the woods and explore. I'd climb the trees and play in the ponds and rivers.
Painting both satisfies and challenges me. I enjoy the whole process of gathering material, working out the design and then the actual painting of the subject. I paint in oils on either museum grade panels or canvas/linen using a mix of brushes and palette knives for feel and texture. 
I paint en plein air, doing studies, sketches and also taking photos in the field. I also paint in the studio where I have the pleasure of seeing my tools, smelling the oils and knowing this is where I can work magic.

Personal:I was born in Kansas and grew up in small town Wisconsin, attended the Univ. of Wisconsin at Madison for two years and then the Univ. of Minnesota Duluth where I received my degree in Elem. Education. I taught school in South Dakota at a 3 room schoolhouse. I had Kindergarten through the 3rd grade in my room and had a fabulous time.My husband and I have three children and have lived in northern Minnesota, southern Missouri and coastal Maine. We [...]

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