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Becky explores visual moments  in her studio after walking, gardening, rafting, reading, watching films, and traveling .   She pays attention to inner and outer influences.  A wide array of interests are present in her work.
Her B.A. in art history opened the door to what can be expressed.  Some influences include Turner, Diebenkorn, Matisse, Klee, Rauschenberg,  Frankenthaler and Carnwath.
Another significant influence in Becky's creative life is her grandmother.  Eula Hounsel lived in East Texas on a farm where she provided food and clothing for eight children.  Her quilts made of used fabrics comforted the family throughout rough times and celebrated the good times.  Art was not something she needed a studio for, it was just the way she lived.  Becky lives the same way.  She creates as a way of life which excludes no medium. 

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