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Art has been important to me since I can remember and I've loved it my entire life. When choosing a career, I never considered fine art a practical option. I did, however, expand my B.S. Physics to include a second degree in Studio Art. It was only after "retiring" from 15 years in engineering, when my third child was born, that I started my second career in art. I have studied art recently from Corinne Lalin (painterly realism) for two and a half years and Frank Arcuri (realism-old world style) for one and a half years. I feel like my work is constantly evolving.

I love painting still lifes because I feel each painting is a story and shows a little of my personality. I like forms to look dimensional and acheive this by painting the light on the objects and really pushing the darks. This is a traditional old world style of painting. Sometimes I like to diverge from painting historically traditional subjects and paint fun subjects like Corona bottles with limes, donuts, and evening shoes with lingerie and jewelry. I also paint still lifes that tell a person's story. I take someone's favorite or meaningful "things" and paint a still life of them that they can hang on the wall and see every day. I don't paint from photos because I like to look around objects and see the character, light and shadow in objects first hand. Also, photos turn a three dimensional setting into two dimensions, which counters my efforts to paint objects that appear to have weight. Painting is something I wake up wanting to do every day. I hope you enjoy seeing my work half as much as I like painting it.

I have been exhibiting my art in galleries and shows for eight years now. It seems like [...]

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