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Prairie Structures: Natural or Man-made Artist's Statement:
Preparing for my first solo show, Prairie Structures: Natural and Man-made, has been an exciting journey of capturing the beauty of our Kansas prairie and the structures that mostly go unnoticed as we live our daily lives. Inspired by my Topeka Building series where I did paintings of historic buildings and landmarks, I decided I wanted to take this successful idea and expand on it to include hidden gems that can be found throughout our urban and rural backyards. This new endeavor took me down miles and miles of Kansas’ country roads as I looked for those quaint historic main streets, stone buildings, modern and old windmills, grain elevators, cows and more. These paintings are meant to inspire the viewer to see the ordinary and what we take for granted in a new way by bringing them into the foreground of our lives. Using super-saturated colors and a modern graphic look, I make the native limestone, brick, metal or animals pop with energizing life by injecting the painting with inspirational color that enhances the beauty of the object whether it is natural or man-made. My hope is that these works of art excite the viewer to explore and see our country roots and fall in love with the urban and rural beauty of our historic downtowns, silos, roads, and natural ecosystem because these Prairie Structures are what make us truly Kansans. 

Topeka artist Becky Drager graduated from Colorado State University with a BFA degree majoring in graphic design. In 2011 after 20 years of working in the graphics field, Becky returned to her home state of Kansas and began painting full time. She is very active in the arts community and organizations of Topeka.
In 2012, Becky was invited to participate in SouthWind Gallery’s Topeka Paint [...]

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