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The Artist Says:

I'v always been drawn to painting figures, they are the most exquisite creation, I love exploring the subtle colours and bringing them alive, and equally love capturing the play of light.  To me these elements make the painting intriguing to study and view.  It is what I look for in the works of other artists.

Collectors Say:

Your art is alive with light, you capture it beautifully.
Your art always tells me a story, and it becomes part of mine.
I love the thick paint and texture.
I see innocence in your paintings.

Other Artists Say:

I have studied your work for a long time, and have tried to capture the same elements in mine.
Your talent, desire and tremendous work ethic are creating in you a terrific artist.
Thank you for sharing your innocence 


I began painting again in 2008, and nearly the moment I picked up a brush found myself captivated by the light of my subject.  The first two I did were stills, and I explored many things, landscapes, animals, but knew my true passion was for figures, human form.  I think it is one of the most stunning creations.
I love the way colours can be found with various types of lighting on the skin, making it radiant, glowing, or possibly bathed in light and colour.  All types of colours, greens, blues, reds, lavenders, orange, yellows. They can all reflect from the flesh.  In many I'm striving for less representation and more interpretation. It has been a journey.
So, when I paint, it may appear that I have a variety of works, but it is an exploration of this light and colour. 
This would be amiss without mentioning when I began figures I was my only available model, I didn't realize at that time how introspective and personal that would translate into my art.  And, that aspect continues now.
Here is a little of my background.   I have always been drawn to art, it was my escape from a very early age, here I am at my first easel when I was about 3, and next to it a painting I did with my first oils when I was about 10.


As you can see, I began with a propensity to paint figures and in this case, with scenery.  I created the scene!
I continued to explore oils on my own until my early twenties, when real life required my attention and let them set until about 2008.  I had no idea how impactful and life altering it would be.
I also had no idea how it would turn out aesthetically [...]

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