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Artist Biography:
On his 66th birthday in 2015, Bart found himself walking in Northern Spain.  He walked for 500 miles, all the way across the country. And every day he walked 5-7 hours  through nature at less than 3 miles per hour.  Walking this slowly he encountered Beauty.  And Beauty woke him up and began to heal him.
The “walk” is an ancient pilgrimage route called “El Camino de Santiago,” and people have been walking it for more than a thousand years in order to ponder, to pray, to heal, and re-assess their lives.When Bart returned, he only knew that he had “to put color on paper.”But instantly there was a problem.  He hadn’t painted since kindergarten!   But he began.  And the journey continues.
Since he started painting (and much to his own surprise), he has been juried into two Art Associations and has won several awards for his art in his home town of Santa Barbara, California. Bart is predominantly a landscape artist (though he also does still life paintings, abstracts, & figures) who paints in the four primary forms of Water Media:  Acrylic, Watercolor, Gouache, and Casein. He has been inspired by friend and Colorado Artist, Stephan Quiller, and by Santa Barbara Artist and teacher Tony Askew.  Bart has been a teacher and a story teller, who has taught at many conferences and in other settings around the world. He has done development and reconciliation work in over 20 countries (primarily Latin America and the Middle East), including a number of conflict zones.  Bart lives in Santa Barbara, California with his wife Linda.

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