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Barry Van Clief was raised on a horse farm in rural Virginia, in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. He has been an artist, sign painter, sign shop owner, boat captain, fanatic fisherman, wanderer of the warm seas of Florida and the Bahamas, deer hunter, wood carver, fryer of fish, barbecuer of venison, drinker, father of outrageously attractive children and husband of an exotic beauty from New York.Barry originally majored in and studied art at the University of Miami, a hell of a long time ago,  pursued other paths for much of his life, and returned to painting more recently.His rural upbringing and time spent at sea and in the woods have given him a deep rooted love of nature and the outdoors, and the power that resides there. He hopes that some of this love can be expressed in his paintings.He currently lives in Miami with his wife, 2 loyal dogs and a bare chested demon from hell and plans to spend the rest of his life painting and enjoying his family. And maybe fishing once in a while.You ain't much if you ain't Dutch

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