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  • Year Born: N/A

  • My paintings are about how the beauty of the world, people and other life come together is a special moment.

  • I offer small works at low prices to provide an entry point to collecting my artwork for those who want to start small.

  • Gallery inquires are welcome.

  • Price Range: $45.00 - $8,000.00

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The Artist Says:

I enjoy making my art and reminding those who see my paintings of the power of a single moment--and the beauty of the world and all of us living here.

Collectors Say:

I love this painting of the boy on the horse.  When I was younger I worked an an Arabian Horse Ranch.  The horse in this painting is "Horse."


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Barry Koplowitz, of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, studied with Lester Polokov at the Studio and Forum of Stage Design in New York City.  In his early career he worked in New York Theater doing sets for small Off-Broadway shows as well as doing murals in private homes.  He participated in various NYC Design Shows for his mural work.  During this time, he also worked in fine art galleries in the Upper East Side and on Broadway.   
Barry moved to Pennsylvania in the 1980’s and now paints Landscapes,ContemporaryFigurative works and Interior Scenes.  He works in both in Plein Air and in his Chalfont Pennsylvania Studio.  He shows his work in various national and regional juried exhibitions, Juried Plein Air Events as well as galleries in PA, NJ and The Salmagundi Club in NYC.
Currently, he offers Workshops through The Artist’s of Yardley (AOY) Art Center and Doylestown Art League (DAL), as well as weekday evening and weekend morning classes at his New Hope Studio.
"Elegant painting, where less is more"
  -Jeanne Mackenzie of PleinAir Today Newsletter/OutdoorPainter Magazine, March 2016
Artist’s Statement:
There are two sides to my work.  
The first side is the physical side—here the use of color and each brush/pen/pencil stroke is as important as the whole piece.  I want them to show individually and be characters in the play.  It’s like theater.  You watch a show as much to see the individual charectors as to see what the show is actually about.  These strokes are the characters.
The second side is…well…what the show is actually about!  Great characters can make a bad or banal show acceptable—once.  But they can’t make you want to see it repeatedly.  While great actors or characters in a meaningful and entertaining production create something you you want to see again and again.  The Art we choose to [...]

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