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2010 a group of artists in Barrington, Illinois envisioned an environment where artists of all levels would be welcomed, celebrated and encouraged to create and grow in their chosen area of the arts, and Barrington Cultural Arts Center (BCAC) was formed. This ambitious undertaking is still going strong. To better reflect the association’s activities and geographic reach, members voted to update the group’s name at a meeting on Feb. 22, 2020, and on May 4, the name officially became Barrington Area Artists – Jacqueline Smith
Vice President – Kim Ritschel
Treasurer –  Susan Warchall
Secretary – Sharron Boxenbaum
Gallery Managers:
Advocate/Good Shepherd Fitness Center – Barb Ross, Judy Skulborstad
Barrington Bank and Trust – John Ragland, Maarten Tonnyeck
Membership: Sandra Chlebek
Demos/Workshops: Adriana Calcev, Lynn Rushing, Janette Tepas
Plein Air: Sue Whitney
Satellite Gallery Prospecting: Linda Berk
Hospitality: Barbara English, Sandra Peek, Donna Slocomb
Cards and Flowers: Ann Parker
Facebook: Sandra Chlebek, Diane Morino
Newsletter: Anna Toberman
Website: Sandra Chlebek, Anna Toberman
Current Members (click names to see artworks)
Jeani Allaway
Linda Berk
Sharron Boxenbaum
Les Boeder
Dyan Boxleitner
Sue Briesch
Adriana Calcev
Sandra Chlebek
Jeanne Clohisy
Gail Dreuth
Barbara English
Patricia Lindgren
Anita Maher
Jack Mitchell 
Diane Morino
Maryann Pailey
Ann Parker
Sandra Peek
John Ragland
Kim Ritschel
Barb Rydz Ross 
Lynn Rushing
Mariam Sandhu
Mary Schell
Judy Skulborstad 
Donna Slocomb
Jacqueline Smith
Julie Smith
Ron Smith
Marian Stamos
Janette Tepas
Anna Toberman 
Maarten Tonneyck
Sue Warchall 
Sue Whitney

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