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Artist Statement
As an artist my goal is to capture the sheer joy and amazement that nature offers to us at any given moment. Places I invite you to revisit with me when searching for calm in a busy world. Nature's gifts that linger in our memories and continue to offer up a sense of peacefulness and desire to learn about and protect what we hold so dear.
With paper as my medium I strive to capture the intricacies of nature while inviting you to be transported into the scene.
Biographical Sketch
From a young age two of Barb's greatest passions have been her love for nature's abundant beauty and the desire to capture that through her art. She is a native of central Florida and spent many of her summers with her grandmother in the mountains of North Carolina. Both of her grandmother's and her father were avid gardeners and lovers of the outdoors. Each of them instilling in her not only the love of nature and gardening but also encouraging her artistic talent.
After attending college she made the decision to follow a career in corporate human resources and recruiting. Continuing education in graphic design eventually led Barb to a position as a graphic artist for a television production company that specialized in how-to programming for public television stations. Ten years later she ultimately chose to follow her heart and pursue her love of art.
Initially Barb returned to painting landscapes using either acrylics or oils. She quickly discovered that she wanted a different challenge. Still interested in painting landscapes she started experimenting with paper. The art of collage has always been of interest to her so she began working with natural, hand-made papers. Her goal was to capture with small, torn and cut papers the same intricate details of nature that she could achieve [...]

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