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Barbara Wright has been drawing and painting since childhood. She studied studio arts with an emphasis on painting at Cal State L.A. and  has taken numerous workshops with renowned artists in the western USA.  She is largely self-taught in equine art, using the many rescue and sanctuary horses she has met over the years at Harmony HorseWorks as her muses and models.  Her main muse is Victoor, the sanctuary spokeshorse.  He is featured in many of her large format acrylic paintings and has created a stir appearing in the series, "A Horse IN Art."
In 2012 and 2013, she was inspired by the 13 aspects of the feminine archetype as told in the book  "The 13 Original Clan Mothers" by Jamie Sams. These archetypes are told through tales of Native American spirit beings that are birthed from Mother Earth's womb into the "reality" plane of experience to teach humans what the Earth has taught them. Barbara created 13 portraits, each of a Native American matriarch based on photo references.  The main portrait in each is flanked by two medicine shields depicting the matriarch's animal totems. 
Since moving to Arizona Red Rock Country near Sedona, she has been inspired by that landscape and the scenery surrounding the Verde River Valley nearby.  These pen and ink and color sketches are her attempts to incorporate what Mother Nature has already perfected, a complex and daunting task.  There is no outdoing what is out there in nature, the views are overwhelmingly splendid, so attempts at imitation aren't the goal.  These little sketches are acts of love and thankfulness for being allowed to hike in all the natural splendor that Arizona has to offer, a complete departure from Barbara's previous equine art work.  Influenced by many artists throughout the ages, she does not endorse or follow a particular school of [...]

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