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Thank you for checking out my website! 
I am a lifelong resident of the beautiful east end of Long Island in the state of New York. I've always been an artist, both as musician and as a person who loves to create beautiful things. I was always the one put to work by others to create posters or flyers for special events. I loved creating clothing for my children when they were small and continue to create beautiful things through the outlet of handwork; knitting, sewing, and needlework in all its forms.
But I am a novice when it comes to being an "artist" in the sense that I've only recently begun to create such visual pieces, having discovered a time in my life when I can devote myself to time in a studio, generously shared by a dear friend and mentor who has taught me the art of glass fusing. It has become a passion and I love placing things in the kiln only to wait patiently while they transform into what you see in these photos.
I hope you enjoy these expressions of my heart, be they landscapes from around my beautiful home or floral pieces that reflect my garden.

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