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The Artist Says:

"Follow your heart. Dreams come true."  (Barbara Simpson, 1998)

Collectors Say:

"You have what less than 2% of the population craves: PASSION.  Winning or success or happiness does not lead to passion. Rather, passion leads to winning, success or happiness, etc." - Andre Bourgon, Collector (Ontario, Canada | Feb 2021)

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Other Artists Say:

“Oct 20, 2020: Barbara, Following up from our talk about your work last Friday:  Your work is clearly a celebration from the heart. Its spontaneity is what keeps it fresh and engaging. And there is no doubt that your major voice is colour. You express your love and connection to the universe through colour. The documentary on Chagall is called The Colour of Love. I am reminded of him in your work.”
- Andrea Mossop
Fine Art Instructor
St. Lawrence College (Brockville)
Used with written permission Dec 16, 2020. 


Barbara Simpson is an exciting full-time visual artist working and living in St. Catharines. Since 1998, there are no prints of her work, exclusively, "originals-only". Barbara has a connection to various styles, Impressionism to Modernism, and maintains that she has no desire to conform to orthodox ways of painting; one-subject-in-one-style. She fuses what she has learned from art history together with being authentic.
Brush or painting knife in hand, Barbara’s vibrant acrylic paintings consistently emerge to life. Inspired by much-loved pastimes in her life; gardening (prominently Tulips), travel adventures, sunset views from home, a range of music, her family, she is known for her strong love affair with bold romantic colour. She is deeply influenced by many artists throughout Art History, including Emily Carr, Georgia O'Keeffe, Oscar-Claude Monet, Paul Gauguin, Henri Matisse, and Tom Thomson, to name a few.  Always an advocate for the arts, Barbara states, "Art is an important facet to our culture, to enrich our lives. I cannot imagine our life without art, can you?" 


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