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These are Sacred Places.
These are places that give us joy.
These are places that speak to our souls.
"We are only content when our sails are up and full of the winds of Heaven, under high, great skies."
Lawren Harris
In the tradition of great Canadian landscape painting and the Group of Seven, I paint the soul of the Great Lakes. When you look at one of my paintings, I want you to feel happy memories, an awe of the power of the landscape, and the sense of peace that envelops you as you gaze upon the water, trees, rocks and skies of the Lakes.
I have lived in Ontario near at least one of the Great Lakes my whole life, and have now settled on the shores of Georgian Bay, in Tiny Township. Walking on the beach, hiking or horseback riding through the trails give me the greatest joy and sense of peace in my life. I hope you feel the same peace and wonder when you look at my work.

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